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Here are archives of the emails that I write about my work and my life in Zanzibar


February 27 Fighting Sexual in Zanzibar- Zanzibar has become a model for others as to how to fight sexual abuse

January 14 Participate Now 2012  - Participate Now has accomplished some wonderful things during 2012


March 2012  Update of my year of 2011


November 2011 One Stop Center Amazing work being done by local teams to help sexual abuse victims in Zanzibar

September 2011 Koani Farmers and Ferry Tragedy  The Koani farmers are doing well with lots of rain and much sadness concerning the ferry tragedy

July 2011 Zanzibar Update  Kendwa moving forward with a bore hole, Welezo Old Age Home and the Zanzibar sober houses 


November 2010 Year End Report  Kendwa moving forward with a bore hole, Welezo Old Age Home and the Zanzibar sober houses

June 2010 Update A new granddaughter, delivering water during the black out and the Kendwa water update



December 2009 Holiday Blackout Another blackout in Zanzibar - but the holidays go on!!

November 2009 Giving Thanks It's almost the end of 2009 - here is an overview of this past year

October 2009 Introducing Participate Now Zanzibar A wonderful party at Kathryn's house with Maulidi ya Homu

September 2009 Sharing With Others A visit to Welezo Old Age Home, Kendwa water tank and Participate Now Zanzibar

July 2009 Koani and Kendwa A study tour to various farmers and making new friends

June 2009 Kendwa Water Update Getting water is not easy - the preparation goes on and on

May 2009 Koani and Maulidi Many things have broken but Zanzibar is a wonderful and supportive community

April 2009 Kendwa Water Project We are ready to install water taps in Kendwa Village - we just need the funding!!!