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Participate Now! is proud to say that we have finished one project and are now working on two others. Below are all of the reports and budgets relevant to each project.

Kendwa Village Plan Project (2010 to 2011)

The Participate Now Zanzibar team is going to continue working with Kendwa village. We are hoping to raise enough money to facilitate a village plan project. In this way the villagers will participate in identifying their needs and priorities.

Village Plan Proposal the villagers will participate in putting together a plan for the future growth of the village

Village plan budget - We are looking to take 6 to 9 months to work closely with the villagers


Kendwa Village Water Project (2008 to 2009)


The Participate Now Zanzibar team has been working with the villagers in Kendwa to help them identify their needs and to get them met. Water is the priority and we have  written a proposal and a budget that we are now looking to fund.


Kendwa Village email in Swahili - The Swahili translation of the Kendwa village email

Nov 2008 Kendwa Village - Kathryn's email about her visits to the village and learning of the quest for water

Project proposal - After many visits with the village committee the team has developed a proposal for water

Our method - this is the basis for all of our projects

Budget - This was compiled with the help of the village committee


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 Koani Farmers Project (2008 to 2009)

Suleiman Said Mohammed is the project manager and he has developed and managed this entire project. He has focused on seven farmers from the Koani village. We had a planning workshop with the farmers where they were able to participate fully in developing the training that would best suit them. Below are the original proposals, survey reports that shows how the seven farmers were chosen and the budget to actual report that shows exactly how and where the money has been spent.

Project proposal - after much discussion and work this proposal was finalized

Pre-survey report - this report was written after the initial technical meeting and the participatory planning workshop

Survey  - this shows the twenty farmers who were surveyed and the data that was collected and analyzed

First Phase Report - Suleiman has written a report at the end of the first phase - there was much that was learned

Budget to Actual - We are learning how to track expenses and be flexible with budgeting.

Entrepreneur Project (2007 to 2009)

Mzee Mohammed Mzee is the project manager for this small business project. We worked with 9 women from ZAPHA+ (Zanzibar Association of People Living with HIV/AIDS). Our goal was to help them attain knowledge about business, finances and marketing.

Project Summary - this summarizes the three phase project for women with small businesses

Survey - this is the survey that was done of 40 ZAPHA+ members to choose the participants for the project

First Phase Report - Mzee wrote this report at the end of the first phase

March 2008 Entrepreneur Email - Kathryn wrote this email summarizing the project to date

Final Report - Mzee wrote this report at the end of the project